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Take a deep breath and exhale, look around you and within you, notice how you are feeling.

Notice your tension, your stiffness, your pain.

Where did that come from and when did it get there?

Sometimes we forget that there is life without pain, we just allow it to settle in.

We are so busy taking care of everyday tasks and everyone else’s needs, we forget to take time for ourselves.

dixie bennett
Dixie Bennett
Masterful Global Healer of Healers & Leaders
The Relief of Pain and Stress

Highly Effective Treatments.

Restore To Balance.

Facilitation of Healing.



Heart Dancing Radio

Dixie's Interview on How to Heal Your Body with Kathryn Eriksen

Dixie’s interview with Kathryn Eriksen

In discussion with Kathryn Eriksen, on Heart Dancing Radio,  Dixie explains how your body acts as an energy transference vehicle.  It's almost as if your body is a filing system for everything you experience - emotional, physical, and spiritual.  When strong energy is felt in your body and you hold onto it, you eventually create an "energy cyst." The body can no longer hold onto that energy and it becomes dis-eased.


Why GRATITUDE? Gratitude is the foundation for achieving, creating, receiving and living the way a person wants. It is our mindset which determines our success; it is our mindset which determines “do we go for it”; it is our mindset which creates and receives abundance, joy and love. The time is now, this 365-day journal will empower you to “Live In Gratitude Daily”. Join others around the world on this journey, decide now to move forward, a few minutes a day to change your life. Watch your life change right before your eyes with Gratitude. Dixie is one of the many contributors to this book, look for her wisdom on January 7 and May 31.

“You are Whole, Perfect, and Complete…Just as You Are” written by 12 distinctly different women, yet gathered in a common cause to show the way to self-realization, self-acceptance, and self-love. Dixie’s chapter called In Alignment with Who You Are is an introduction to her healing journey of overcoming 3 near death experiences between 19-26 years old that changed her life, she shares insights and steps to healing from the inside out.



Tenacious Living Radio

On Tenacious Talks, Carrie-Ann features a special guest. They are visionaries, change makers and out of box thinkers who share their own experiences and knowledge on how they lived outside their box, reshaping their reality, and how you can TOO!

Tenacious Talks is a conversational show that showcases unique healing modality that will help our listeners learn about alternative solutions for everyday problems in all areas of life. 

Dixie’s interview with Carrie-Ann


Womanition Magazine


Womanition Magazine


Womanition Magazine

June 12, 2012

Women Embracing Brilliance